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season 2014:
all Lagriffe RS 145
length: 145cm  waist: 115mm  radius: 8.5m
all Lagriffe RS166
length: 168cm  waist: 110mm  radius: 10.5-12m
all Lagriffe RS176
length: 180cm  waist: 110mm  radius: 10.5-12m
all Lagriffe Speed 170
length: 170cm  waist: 110mm  radius: 10m
all Lagriffe MR 173
length: 173cm  waist: 114mm  radius: 10m
all Lagriffe MR 183
length: 183cm  waist: 117mm  radius: 15m
all Lagriffe White Ambiance 180
length: 180cm  waist: 114mm  radius: 15m
all Mpride Xrace
length: 173cm  waist: 113mm  radius: 10m
all Mpride Xrace
length: 183cm  waist: 117mm  radius: 15m
all Virus UFC Skwal
length: 185cm  waist: 110mm  radius: 15m
all Virus Speed Skwal
length: 185cm  waist: 110mm  radius: 15m
all Oxess SX174 / SX178
length: 174cm  waist: 112mm  radius: 10.5m
length: 178cm  waist: 117mm  radius: 14m
all ALUFLEX Squale
length: 164cm  waist: 108mm  radius: 8.9m
length: 172cm  waist: 112mm  radius: 12m
length: 180cm  waist: 109mm  radius: 14.4m
length: 188cm  waist: 120mm  radius: 15.9m
length: 194cm  waist: 121mm  radius: 18.3m
all Snowblind Monohull
length: ?cm  waist: ?mm  radius: ?m
RAD Black Diamond
length: 173cm  waist: 128mm  radius: 12.5m
length: 183cm  waist: 128mm  radius: 15m
all CODA The Edge
length: 185cm  waist: 138mm  radius: 10m
all Thiaskwal 120 Easy Access
length: 120cm  waist: 115mm  radius: 6m
all Thiaskwal 165 Easy Jungle
length: 165cm  waist: 125mm  radius: 8m
all Thiaskwal P168 / P178 Freeride
length: 168cm  waist: 147mm  radius: 12m
length: 178cm  waist: 147mm  radius: 12m
all Thiaskwal 173°F Pure Carving
length: 173cm  waist: 112mm  radius: 10m
all Thiaskwal 180 Freecarve
length: 180cm  waist: 125mm  radius: 10m
all Thiaskwal 183°F Extreme Carving
length: 183cm  waist: 117mm  radius: 15m