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The word skwal is a compound out of the words "squale" and "ski".
The word "squale" originates from the french language: "squale" means "shark".
The word "ski" originates from the old-norwegian language: "ski-et" means "log" or "snow shoe".

In 1989 the ski- and snowboard-teacher Patrick "Thias" Balmain invented the skwal and founded his company Thiaskwal in 1992.

Völkl produced the skwal under the name of monocarver.

The skwal is wider than a single ski and smaller than a monoski and the bindings are mounted in a line one after the other like a water-monoski (water-slalomski).

The body position is unlike snowboarding symmetrically directed to the front like skiing, you can use ski poles for learning.

Skwal is optimally proper for extreme carving, because both feet load completely one edge; that is unique among the devices of winter sports equipment.

Virus UFC Skwal

length: 185cm  waist: 110mm  radius: 15m

Völkl Monocarver

length: 175cm  waist: 115mm  radius: 14,5m

Lacroix Contest

length: 180cm  waist: 114mm  radius: 15m

Lacroix SK200

length: 180cm  waist: 114mm  radius: 15m

Thiaskwal Guepard 183

length: 183cm  waist: 115mm  radius: 15m

Thiaskwal Guepard 173

length: 173cm  waist: 112mm  radius: 10m

Thiaskwal Guepard 173

length: 173cm  waist: 103mm  radius: 10m

Thiaskwal Easy Jungle

length: 165cm  waist: 125mm  radius: 8m

Thiaskwal Easy Access

length: 120cm  waist: 115mm  radius: 6m