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The word mono originates from the old-greek language: "monos" means "single", "alone".
The word board originates from the old-english language: "bord" means "board" or "plank".

In 2005 I built the monoboard on water.

It is the missing element within the basic idea of my website: Symmetrically body position in direction of motion with feet one after the other or next to each other, each on snow or water with only one piece of sports equipment, one edge!

The monoboard is custom made, out of a worked wakesurfboard and bindings of waterski, optionally with or without fin.

Monoboarder are pulled by motorboat or cable in different speeds.

Because of its width the monoboard is optimally proper for lower speeds.

Monoboard custom-made shape2

length: 152cm

Monoboard custom-made shape1

length: 159cm