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The word mono originates from the old-greek language: "monos" means "single", "alone".
The word ski originates from the old-norwegian language: "ski-et" means "log" or "snow shoe".

In 1939 the discipline slalom on water was invented by Dan Hains with several buoys fixed in a row first. To get faster through this slalom-course, the monoski also called slalomski was developped out of the waterski invented 1922 by Ralph Samuelson (USA).

Later the amount of buoys was limited to six and they were fixed in zigzag-course.

Monoskiers are pulled by motorboat, since 1962 also by cable invented by Bruno Rixen (GER), in different speeds. To rise the severity afterwards further on, the ropes are shortened step by step at maximum speed.

Monoskiers have a longer way in the slalom-course than the motorboat (cable), therefore between the buoys very high speeds with extreme slanting positions are reached, an incredible feeling with incredible pictures.

Tunnel means the tunnel shaped underside with parallel edges of the monoski, where the water flowes through. This enables slanting positions.

Concave means the longish, egg-shaped identation along the edges at the underside of the monoski, where the water flowes through. This enables slanting positions and the monoski becomes more aggressive.

Tunnelconcave is a hybrid of tunnel and concave, to handle the monoski easier.

Fischer Yellow

length: 168cm

Jobe Defiant

length: 165cm

HO Nitro

length: 165cm

HO Mach1

length: 170cm

Cypress Gardens Ski Skat

length: 70cm